Headquarters to Apple Inc. in Santa Clara County, Cupertino was primarily fruit orchards until after World War II when the area slowly transformed itself into present day Silicon Valley. Hosting over 60 high-tech companies, Cupertino considers itself the hub of Silicon Valley.

Map of Cupertino city limits

Comprised mostly of numerous subdivisions, Cupertino doesn’t have a traditional downtown, but instead boasts what residents fondly call “The Crossroads” at the intersection of Steven’s Creek and De Anza boulevards, which was once the site of the tiny village of old Cupertino. Cupertino is known to be pedestrian and biker friendly with bike lanes designated on even its busiest streets. It is home to De Anza College, a hub of activity in the city, which includes a planetarium, museum, performing arts center and flea market. Shopping and dining of all kinds are available in this city filled with professional and urban vitality.