Home Prices decline 4.7% in 2019

Home prices declined for the first time since 2011. Demand decreased as days on market lengthen and the Final Sales Price over List Price percentage fell to single digits. The supply of New Listings remained consistent with prior years, resulting

Homeowners: Refinancing

What does inverted yield curves mean to homeowners? 30-year Fixed Mortgage Rates (blue line) have declined from 4.9% in November to 3.6% today, erasing rate increases that started in mid-2016. The current rates are now at 10-year lows and they

Market Update: 1H2019

Home prices and interest rates decline. The Silicon Valley real estate market has slowed-down significantly. This slow-down started in mid-2018 after a very strong 1H2018. Rising interest rates may have been a big contributor, fortunately they have declined in 2019.

Mortgage Interest Rates – July 2018

Mortgage interest rates jumped by one-half point during the first half of 2018. Rates increased by a half-point, from 4.0% to 4.5%, in March 2018. They have increased a full point over the past two years, from 3.5% in July-October

Silicon Valley Market Update: July 2018

The Silicon Valley real estate market continues the five-year up-market cycle. The median price for Silicon Valley single family residences, from Menlo Park to Los Gatos, rose by 16% during the first six months of 2018. This is consistent with

Economic Outlook for Silicon Valley Real Estate

A well-know real estate economist for the Bay Area spoke this week about the outlook for the Silicon Valley real estate market. An interesting perspective. She said our local economy is growing 3-4 times faster than the national average. Santa

Silicon Valley Homes: 1Q2017 Market Update

Interested in seeing the distribution of home prices across Silicon Valley? The chart below shows the number of Closed Sales for single family residences by price range and by city. First note that there was virtually no single family residence

Silicon Valley Condos: 1Q2017 Market Update

Condos and Townhomes are rapidly becoming one of the most affordable housing options. They are especially attractive alternatives when trying to live close to work and town centers with restaurants and shops. The chart below shows the number of 2-bedroom